The defacto leader of this motley band of adventures.


His skin is deeply tanned, he has soft brown eyes and dark brown hair, handsome, no fancy clothing, his hair is medium to long and straight, he has a small necklace with the symbol of Avandra. He walks with confident stride, use hand gestures when he talk, he is polite and is right-handed.


Grew up in a traveling show using simple arcane abilities to charm more coins then my fellows, one day we were set upon by bandits and instinctively I used my powers to repeal them, after that I felt a need to use these gifts and found adventuring the way to do so and continue my nomadic way of life. Seeing new places and having a changing cast of friends and party members is something I know well from my youth. I like to talk, but in battle I’m intense and focused, if I make a promise I keep it, I’m loyal, friendly, easy going and don’t hold grudges.


Tuesday ArchieGoodwin